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Pamela Ofstein MS, RD, LDN - Guest Expert Co-host

Education Information: This is the one area I list first as it is important you work with someone who knows their stuff, credentialed, and has the experience to back it up (that’s me). I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition from Florida State University and a Master of Science degree in Dietetics from Florida International University. Staying involved is important – a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics serves on the board of the Florida Council on Renal Nutrition/National Kidney Foundation. Some of her accomplishments include being named “The Young Recognized Dietitian for the Broward County Dietetic Association”, the recipient of the “National Kidney Foundation Dietitian Exemplary Practice Award,” and a finalist for the South Florida Business Journals Up & Comers Award for 2008My specialties include renal disease, diabetes management, weight loss, kids nutrition, and overall health improvement.

A Little Work Experience History: Where should I begin? What is great about my nutrition career is the experience and opportunities I have been lucky enough to have. When I was younger (not too long ago), I sat in the Whale’s Rib restaurant (delicious oysters I must add) and made a ‘bucket list’ of all the things I wanted to accomplish as a dietitian. Who knew there could be so many! To start…..learn all I could about clinical nutrition and public health nutrition, counsel individuals on chronic disease and weight management (pretty routine for most of us in the dietetics field)…….and then move on to creating and innovating some new experiences and roles as a dietitian.

Now the fun list began……Implementing Nutrition Program Software (from start to finish), creating online health programs for companies and individuals; including over 20+ meal plans, serving as a Director of Nutrition for a leading online nutrition and technology for over 10 years, writing for local and nationwide magazines, authoring a published nutrition book, Look and Feel Great Through Nutrition (yes, shameless plugs work), serving as an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales University, Department of Culinary Arts, designing nutritional components and menus for a statewide meal delivery program (biggest one to date….Biggest Loser Meal Plan home delivery program)……and a few more favorite bucket list items – taping multiple recipe videos, webinars, creating live seminars, podcasts, infomercials, and conducting interviews with nutrition professionals, celebrities (Bret Michaels – my all time favorite – what can I say, I am a 80’s rock groupie), and personal success stories.

Is there more? What is great is the list continues….what other professional goals do I plan to conquer. Well? Totally plan to take on live television and educate the nation on everything there is to know about nutrition – as part of the real world. Plus I have a few more ideas up my sleeve……watch out internet world! And of course one of the most important things to continue to work hard at is living a happy and healthy life with my favorite and most important things in my life….my family and friends – specifically my three amazing children, Blake (Mr. Black Belt Ofstein), Lauren (the superstar dancer), and Allison (the soccer queen or king as she is all about the boys!). And of course, my husband, Dave, who puts up with a lot of my crazy ideas and supports me every step of the way!

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